About Getting Started

Kengido is an original method and a membership dojo.
Enrolled members can participate in domestic and international performances, video productions, and cultural exchange programs.

Tokyo Headquarters
Dojo held every Tuesday and Saturday in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo. (*Intermediate and advanced classes are separate)
Mainly direct instruction by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, the founder of Kengido, we provide careful instruction by instructors and advanced students as well.
This class is safe and in-depth for children, adults, and foreigners.
It is also a meeting place for a variety of people, with many visitors from outside participating in the experience and observing the program.

Lecturer / Tetsuro Shimaguchi, founder
6-8 times a month on Tuesdays and Saturdays
Children / 18:20-19:10
General / 19:20-21:10

Admission fee 10,000 yen
Annual membership fee 5,000 yen
Monthly fees vary by branch, so please inquire for details.

Intermediate and advanced classes are charged separately.
One-on-one lessons are also available for an additional fee.

Free initial visit and tour. Trial is also available (for a fee).
For details, please refer to each chapter's information.

Domestic Chapters

Tsukishima Branch
Classes are held every Sunday in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
The dojo has a bright and cheerful atmosphere, with children swinging their swords enthusiastically and happily.

Lecturer / Hiromi Matsumura, Master Instructor
Every Sunday, 4 times a month
Children / 13:30-14:20
General / 15:00-16:30

Shiki Branch
Classes are held every Saturday in Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture.
This is a new class starting in March 2024.
Since students are still all beginners, it is an easy dojo for newcomers to join.

Lecturer / Kengido Instructor
Every Saturday, 4 times a month
Children / 11:00-11:45
General / 12:00-13:00

Aizu Branch
Aizu Kengido Dojo is located at Ashinomaki Onsen Okawaso in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture.
In this area called "Samurai city Aizu," the spirit of the samurai still lives on.
It is a dojo where straightforward people, young and old, male and female, gathe.

Lecturer / Tetsuro Shimaguchi, founder and leader of Kengido
*Weekends (irregular) 2-4 days a month
Joint training for children and adults

Overseas Branch

Centered in Florence, where the first seminar in Europe was held, people from Rome, Ravenna, Tropea, Palermo, and other cities have gathered to follow the path of the Samurai.

A stoic group of people, led by Prague and Tuhan, are training hard.
It is a dojo with many professional stuntmen.

New dojo inaugurated in 2023.
Based in London, it is a unique and clever group of people.
The branch is growing rapidly, with weekly online training with the Japan Headquarters.

◎Please feel free to contact us for more details about each branch.

Inquiries and Applications