June 25th "Kendo Trial Session" will be held: ❗️

Kengido is an introductory dojo, but we hold a trial session once a month.
We invite you to experience the Samurai method of swordsmanship!
You can experience daily swordsmanship methods such as basic practice, applied practice, and standing practice.

Date of the event
Saturday, June 25
Children 18:20-19:00 / Experience fee 1,500 yen
General 19:20-21:00 / Experience fee 3,000 yen

[Claire] Location.
Nakamachi Regional Center/1st Rec (4th floor)
Tobu Tojo Line "Naka Itabashi" station 10 min. walk
(20-5 Nakamachi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo)

Please send your name and contact information to
✉️ kengido@k2c.jp